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Christians 4 Freedom, a student club at Liberty University, held an event last Tuesday on the topic of religious liberty that featured Bethany Demmin from the Family Research Council.

“I believe our attendees left feeling encouraged to be more active on a local and national level,” said C4F President Nicholas Hamilton. “One of the main goals when we started Christians 4 Freedom was to promote student and Christian involvement, and she did just that.”

Over 35 students and members of the community were in attendance, with 25 signing up to become members.

Demmin offered many points on why Christians should be involved in their government. She said that often times there is an attitude within the church that we should not engage in politics, and that religion and politics are unrelated. She believes that as Christians “it is a God given joy and right to engage the public square.”

Demmin also said that if we believe that God has complete dominion over the earth, then no matter where we are in life, we are called to engage in politics.

“Life is gritty,” said Demmin. ‘If we don’t admit that it’s gritty and actually come and bring light and truth and beauty to the grit, and we just try to paint over it, no one will take us seriously.”

Demmin also talked about how the culture and politics interact, saying that it is the culture that influences politics, not the other way around. She used the legalization of gay marriage as an example for this and said that pop culture and media were major propellants of this movement.

She went on to say that this decision could potentially be the slippery slope that will lead to the end of religious liberty. She talked about the pastors in Houston who had their sermons subpoenaed by the mayor, which is in direct violation with the Constitution. She mentioned numerous incidents where private business owners have faced legal action for standing up for their religious beliefs. And she talked about Kim Davis, the county clerk who simply wanted her name removed from a marriage license because of her religious beliefs.

“The Constitution protects freedom of religion, which means living it out in our daily lives; the ability to speak about it, to make decisions based on it and to conduct ourselves in our places of business based on our faith,” said Demmin.

She concluded her talk with a personal testimony and a word of encouragement for those who feel the call to get involved. She stressed two main points: to keep your hearts soft for people, and when God calls you, go.

Written by: Amanda Long

Christians 4 Freedom co-host Constitution Week at Liberty University

By: Amanda Long

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union…”

These words were not only the start of our Constitution’s Pre-amble, but were also the start of a new chapter in history for our country. At Liberty University, a group of dedicated students have been inspired to start a new movement to protect the rights listed in the Constitution.

Starting September 14, Christians 4 Freedom, Students at Liberty for Gun Rights and Young Americans for Liberty held events to celebrate the only Constitution Week in the country, and hosted between 30-50 participants every night. The events covered a wide variety of topics, including religious freedom, constitutional carry, and the 4th Amendment. These events were not only educational, but also encouraged lively debates from the attendees.

These clubs accomplished the first successful Constitution Week at Liberty University, forming a coalition between 3 separate student organizations. Together these students passed out over 360 Constitutions and other famous pieces of literature, such as Bastiat’s The Law and The Citizen’s Rule Book. They also held a group debate on the Commerce Clause and conducted YAL’s World’s Smallest Political Quiz with over 60 participants.

This week, Christians 4 Freedom not only celebrated Constitution Week, but also celebrated the official launching of the club.

“Christian’s 4 Freedom hopes to make this a yearly event on Liberty’s campus, and looks forward to promoting student activism through education,” said Nick Hamilton, President of Christians 4 Freedom.

The events held by these student groups were not only meant to celebrate the United States’ Constitution, but were also meant to inspire the students of Liberty University to become involved in protecting their God-given rights. The student clubs plan to use the momentum from these events to further their movement of educating and informing by hosting future events.



#ConstitutionWeek kick off! 

30 young activist come together to learn about Constitutional misconceptions. What a great turn out for the first night!

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Constitution week is almost here!

Christians 4 Freedom would like to invite all students to Constitution Week at Liberty University. The week will consist of various events centered around the constitution, that are sponsored by various organizations. These sponsors include Christians 4 Freedom, Students for Liberty, Students at Liberty for Gun Rights, and Young Americans for Liberty. Events will be held on the 14th, 15th, 17th, and 18th of September, in the Helms Suite  (Demoss 4084,) at 7:30pm. Students for Liberty will launch Constitution week with a kick-off event on the 14th. Pizza and drinks will be provided at the kick-off event. Like the LU Constitution Week page to stay updated on all of the happenings. We hope to see you all there!



Constitution week at LU!

Christians 4 Freedom is gearing up for Constitution week here at Liberty University! We are partnering with a few other clubs on campus to help educate our fellow students about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Join us in celebrating our American experiment as we educate, advocate, and bring attention to the US Constitution and how it remains relevant! Like the Facebook page for more information about events and dates.



Christians 4 Freedom encourages activist to be involved in their community. It is so important for millennials to be knowledgeable about today’s current events, as well as understanding the importance of their contribution to liberty.

If you would like to have Christians 4 Freedom speak at one of your events fill out the form below and we will get back to you!